Funny things you heard an old person say

For simplicity's sake, old person will be 55 and up.

I heard a guy about 75 years say "Young fellars need an app to wipe their own as these days" in a cell phone store. The sales rep was trying to sell him a smart phone and showing him apps, but the old guy was having done of it. He wanted a blackberry and nothing else.

Old dude looked closest to what I could describe as a cross between Wilford Brimley and the guy from those Adam Sandler movies who played Corey's friend's dad on Boy Meets World. Old dude's wife seemed irritated. Phone Post

Me and a couple of friends when I was a junior in high school were walking and just talking about random shit and we crossed some old guys house and the old guy was out in his yard.

He looked at us and said "Fucking kids blowing shit up."

I was like WTF? We had been talking about basketball.

I was at Disneyland and while waiting in line for a ride, there were a couple 6/7 year old kids walking around, swinging on the fence that for the wait line. Normal kid behavior.

I see this old lady looking at them and she says to her friend, "They shouldn't let kids in here." LOL.

I was walking behind my old neighbor and his wife and he was really getting on her about the food she makes. He yelled, "I need a meal not a fucking sandwich!" She turned to say something back and saw me behind them and looked away embarrassed.

The old guy had no idea I was there can kept dropping f bombs on his wife while she tugged his sleeves so that he'd notice I was hearing everything. Finally he looks back and sees me and says "oh" and stops talking.

It was funny at first but thinking about it now it's kind of sad. Phone Post

I'm just gonna say fuck you to the 55 year old being old comment. Phone Post

My grandfather

I was riding with him to help him pick something up at a hardware store. I was 14 at the time and he ask me if I had lost my virginity yet. I replied no, he said that was ok he didn't lose his until he was 16 and it was with a black prostitute.

My 88 year old grandfather couldn't buy his favorite weed killer anymore which produced a rant ending in "all environmentalists should be lined up and shot" Phone Post 3.0