Furey or Hatmaker

Who has a bigger scam going?

i used to like Hatmaker untill at a camp he taught a seminar right behind mine and all but said that the guillitine defense that i showed was worthless & wouldnt work.

kinda hurt my feelings to be honest. but oh well. myself and my students have gotten some highlight reel material out of it so ,...


Furey doing better in mma than Ryan or Renzo?Thats a big statement!But thank you for the reply.

LOL. Renzo would murder Furey and hatmaker back to back. But of course you know that.

You know those ads they put in Black Belt Magazine and the like - the 1 or 2 page ones that espouse some guy as a street fighting genius? There was a Tom Proctor one and Chris Clugston, etc. The ads seem sleezy, and target dummies with no experience and a quick fix mentality.

The newest issue of Martial Arts Professional (MA trade journal) has one of these ads on page 13. "The Life of a Martial Arts Internet Millionaire - Here is the true story about Matt Furey and how he turned his knowledge of martial arts and fitness into a multi-million dollar info publishing empire...etc." It shows him standing in front of his brand new H2.

Adonis, could you tell me where I can get my hands on some Bob"dirty bob" Schriejber tapes?I would like to watch some of his fights.

Furey, as hated as he is, is great at marketing himself. I own a few e-marketing courses citing him as an example.

At one time Hatmaker was selling the same type of pressure point knockouts as George Dillman.

Don't really know much else about him. I do know a guy (pro fighter) who has rolled with him. Had so-so things to say.

For all the flack Furey catches (he deserves it) his stuff wouldn't be too bad if it was cheap. By that I mean lower than average which is what it's worth. I have seen some decent tidbits on Furey tapes that I have been given. I ain't about to buy one.

Furey is way too expensive. Matt Hatmaker some knoweledge on the ground, exp in NHB none.

Be careful what you buy!

What about this nathan leverton character, what's his deal?

LOL at Fury or Hatmaker beating Renzo in MMA. Im not saying it's impossible, bur Renzo is a tough Gracie with both street and MMA experience.

Never was much into Fury's stuff. Im sure he has solid grappling technique and hes good with conditioning from what Ive read. But I'm not into the Cung Fu stuff and since Fury doesn't fight Id rather get tapes or books from proven fighters.

I don't know much about Hatmaker but I have one of his books and it is good. Good for beginners and takes you through advanced techniques and explaines submissions for NHB.

I guess if money is not an issue one should get as many instructional books and videos as are out there. They all have somethink worth seeing out of curiosity if nothing else.

Personally I'd rather listen to someone with both street and compeition experience.

I know next to nothing about hatmaker.... BUT I DO OWN A FUREY INSTRUCTIONAL.... I had someone send it to me as a gag gift and let me tell you it is the worst grappling I have ever seen. He demonstrates getting out of an armlock (that is never correctly applied I might add) by using one finger and pushing at the knee with it. makes no sence. Than he shows to get out of a guillotine all you have to do is raise your head. makes no sence. He does this rediculous escape for the whole tape. Not once was any of the submissions properly applied but the guy applying them seemed to fly across the room for no reason a lot.

LOL at Matt being a millionaire. More of his self promotion.

Not possible.


I to have heard similar coments about Furys stuff. Did it have to do with pressure points and Kung Fu?

Sounds like an appropriate GAG gift. Must have been expensive.

Anyone seen Erick Paulsons stuff?

I will say that if the last post is true of the bulk of Furys maerial, Matt Furey gets the SCAM award for this thread.

Whatever Hatmakers credentials are his books are legit from what I've seen. Whats cool is that Hatmaker shows how a person without access to trainers or facilitys can work on Submissions with just some mats and a few buddies.

"Anyone seen Erick Paulsons stuff? "

Erik is the real deal.

paulson is the real deal. i have a bunch of his stuff.

Fureys tape that i have is all grappling... no kung fu... no pressure points... but it is below white belt level grappling. trying to use the stuff he taught in that tape would make your grappling worse no matter what your level is.

Curious about Hatmaker too.

Hatmaker learned his grappling by watching Tony Cecchine's tapes. Seriously.

No, I meant Hatmaker. Unless there are two Mark Hatmakers from the Knoxville Tenn. area. I can locate some old ads in which he was selling PP KO stuff.

I recently looked at a book my friend had and I can't remember the name but the teacher in it was Mark Hatmaker. To be honest some of his stuff was good. I was surprised to see him do some of the techniques the way I do them. He might have just seen someone else do them in a magazine and he copied them or he might have actually learned then and be lethal with them but either way the book i saw was not bad at all. It was better than a lot of the shit I have seen. "Disclaimer" I don't know or care about Mark Hatmaker so I am not being biased, just honest Gerald Strebendt