Fury 2 cancelled after promoter embezzles millions

An event in Macau featuring UFC and Strikeforce veterans was scheduled to take place this Saturday. However, the promoter for the Fury 2 event, Damien Roche, has gone into hiding after allegedly embezzling roughly $13 million HK (about $1.68 million US).

Fighters' hotel rooms and return flights were cancelled, allegedly by Roche, leaving them stranded there.



Check Shu Hirata's twitter, it's insane

I kinda feel bad that the UFC is ending up with a massive monopoly on MMA but then I realise that 99% of other promotors are absolute fucking spastics and it's probably a good thing.

 Sounds like my old union Local 636.


dunchurrn - Check Shu Hirata's twitter, it's insane

Sounds ridiculous.


on a side note, Macau will be a hot spot for MMA sometime soon. the casinos there are ready to bring in events. when i was at EliteXC, we had built contacts in Macau and had hoped to do a show there. this was right before our org collapsed.

surprised the UFC hasnt gone already.

  Dont really know much about the whole embezzlement thing but Carina and Rodrigo Damm were left in the airport with no support from the promoter and we had to pay everything for them with no sign of the promoter anywhere to be found.

PatrickFreitas - Macau will be a hot spot for MMA sometime soon. the casinos there are ready to bring in events.

Yes. Unfortunately, events like this might affect that if they think that all promoters operate like this. The Martial Combat events have been quite successful and it's a shame that this Fury promotion is presumably dead now.

My understanding is that Hong Kong police are looking for the guy, but who knows if he or the money will actually be found.

What was the card?

I don't know if this is all of the fights, but these are the ones that I know about:

- Antony Rea vs Jason Jones (Fury Light Heavyweight Championship)

- Jess Liaudin vs Eiji Ishikawa (Fury Welterweight Championship)

- Carina Damm vs Esui

- Vaughn Anderson vs Li Quang Kun

- Vuyisile Colossa vs Zhang Li Peng

- Ferrid Kheder vs Black Wolf

- Mike Dizak vs Ao Ri Ge Le

- Rodrigo Caporal vs Li Jun Lei

Kiuma Kunioku, the former two-division King of Pancrase, was also scheduled to face Golden Glory journeyman Vincent Latoel, but I believe that that fight was scrapped prior to all of this drama going down.

 Jess Liaudin?

 Jess Liaudin?

William Colosimo - who are the ufc veterans?

Jess Liaudin fought in the UFC five times, going 2-3. Carina Damm was the Strikeforce roster member on the card. Had Kiuma Kunioku remained on the card, he probably would have been the most accomplished of the bunch. First man to hold King of Pancrase titles in two weight classes at the same time, back when those titles actually meant quite a lot.

Carina and her brother Rodrigo should be flying back home soon. I'm not sure what Jess will be doing and my understanding is that Kiuma isn't there. Think his fight was cancelled earlier.

 Jess had pulled from the card a few weeks ago and was replaced by Ferrid Kheder.

Damien Roche sounds familiar. Has there been any other stories about this guy on the UG before?

sakubaba -  Jess had pulled from the card a few weeks ago and was replaced by Ferrid Kheder.

Thanks. Jess was the only (co-)main event fighter whose status I couldn't find anything out about, so I wasn't 100% certain whether he had flown into Macau or not. Added an update note in the article.

Appreciate it.

terrible card...omg

 I lost my whole pension.

My father who was a member for 28 years ( 4 of them as a BA ) is only receiving 1/4 of his pension and that`s only because it was Federally insured. 

Broady - 
dunchurrn - Check Shu Hirata's twitter, it's insane

Sounds ridiculous.

What is Shu's twitter?


Most of what I posted comes from a source within the promotion and (now bankrupt) gym itself, but Shu first talked about the initial drama on his Twitter account yesterday and this morning, which you can see at the link above. Obviously not a pleasant situation at all, and especially not for him and the others in Macau.