Fury Event Results

Here are the results from the Fury event in Tinian. The Purebred guys went 8-2 over all.

Marvin Manibusan (PB) vs. Justin Ulloa
/Manibusan by Dec.

Melvin Manibusan (PB) vs. JR Saralu
/Manibusan 1st rd RNC

Jessie Taitano (PB) vs. Kevin Guilermo
/Taitano 2nd rd TKO

TB (PB) vs. Joe
/Joe by ref stoppage 2nd rd

Dave Pangalinan (PB) vs. Johnny Santos
/Santos by injury couldnt continue

Terrance Aflague (PB) vs. James Salas
/Aflague 1st rd TKO

Jacob Guerrerro (PB) vs Saipan
/Gurrerro 1st rd TKO

Pat Flemming (PB) vs Saipan
/Flemming 1st rd TKO

Pete Alvarez (PB) vs. Nanka (Saipan)
/Alvarez 1st rd TKO

Steve Roberto (PB) vs. Saipan
/Roberto 1st round Kimura


damn thats alot of boys fighting in one event..lol
this is Vince, good to see PB on top!!!its about time jake and terrance got in the ring!!lol

Congrats Purebred!

Good job boys!! Wish I could have been there. I`ll be at the next one.