Fury vs Whyte

You’re not ready for me

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In for later.

Yeah I had no idea Gypsy king was back in the ring tonight

so, does anyone know a good hole to fish in?

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FFS If my stream is slow I’m gonna regret this
Pm sent. It will be on there.


I love when fights are across the pond

Tyson is a very smart, big and tough fighter. Whyte isn’t a can and can win but my money would be a Fury.

I hope he wins and rides of into the sunset. He lives bellow his means so money isn’t an issue.

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I was reading about that. Dude lives on like ten grand a year. I hope he gets the win and does whatever he wants. On his terms

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Def impressive but that’s with out mortgage, car loans, etc.
Most of us probably can live off that without those expenses

He has a bunch of kids. We see him vacationing in luxury resorts with his wife. He may live below his means, but no way he lives with $10k/year.

I’m telling ya. Ten fucken grand he doesn’t need no more


One of his multiple houses haha

His Vegas house

His house in Spain lol

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