Fury/Wilder lll Official Thread

Berlanga forcing it a little…

Let it happen.

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My friend wants a PM of a place to watch

You are very needy lol

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Berlanga should finish this before 7

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Wanted to eliminate confusion …

It’s a compliment to you LOL

The interesting thing about him and the streak he had, he wasn’t going all out in aggression like a young Tyson.

He just hits hard as fuck

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I agree, every damn big fight we have multiple threads that break up and scatter the discussion

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Well in this case he seems to be looking for it rather than letting it present itself…


Then it’s tempting to just copy and paste your posts accross threads lol

Coceres rolling with them so far…

I figured we just post in the stacked.weekend of boxing thread.

Would be easier

I grew up just a couple of hours from Wilder so I can’t bring myself to root against him even though he’s an idiot.

That came up…

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War gypsy king

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Fury’s driver encroaching on the other lane… Lol

Shit this Coceres dude is game

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Coceres nice 2/3…
Very much in it…

Aww shit. Nice exchange there

Coceras as is a crafty vet. You can’t get hit by too many of those.

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