Future All-Pro

Having watched him all year, I believe Charles Tillman (CB, Bears) is a future Pro Bowler & All-Pro. The guy flies all over the field and makes plays.

I know he leads the league in interference penalties, but some of them were questionable to say the least. Watch him if you've never seen him play.

Coaches say they have an easier time teaching restraint, as opposed to teaching aggresiveness. Tillman is a very, VERY agressive player with a nose for the ball. With some good coaching, the penalties will dwindle away, and the INT's and forced fumbles will go up.

I agree, he has a ton of upside.

hey just in case you didnt know this there is a sports life outside of chicago!!

more baseball teams than the cubs whitesoxs and more football teams than the bears! B-) just playing

I honestly think CB is the most difficult position in football to make the probowl. because if you are that good...teams just don't give you enough chances to put up the numbers or have a great highlight reel. not to mention being a great corner means covering your guy so the QB doesn't through the ball your way! and your numbers don't relate that!

kempo - you are correct sir. I also think it is the hardest position in sports - athletically. You have to react to what a great athlete is doing and be in the place where he and his QB already know he is going to break up the pass.

Oh, and who are these "White Sox" you speak of?

i will concur that corner is the hardest position in sports athletically hawkeye. (not just because i played that position in college). but it may also be the easiest mentally.

warfrog...i dont know play in and play out maybe...but if as a corner even if it's not your fault but the coverage fault a long pass play is made against your team. guess who hears about it!!! the Corner

i agree, been burnt many times myself. i have had teammates (usually offensive players) come up to me during games and wonder what i was thinking, only to find out i was in cover two and supposed to have help on top from a safety. as i let the reciever go by, i had sometimes caught that the saftey had come up and is standing next to me and so i chase the reciever. to the unknowing it appears that the corner gets burnt but its fucked up coverage.

as a corner only the opposing QB knows how good you are doing because they will look right at me as i blanket a guy and go on to the next read. they may go a whole game not throwing to your man, but the one time you slip up, they throw it to your guy and everyone thinks you suck. i have had opposing QB's come up to me after games and commend my play and had fans tell teammates of mine that i sucked. oh well, its the best game on earth.

warfrog...yeah it kills me that the position becomes all about stats. because other then olineman and nose tackles all the other positions can be measured by statistics. the corner really can't!

also as much as i love soccer sometimes i wish i would have listened to my wrestling coach(he was football coach to) and played football. I would have been a great DB..even thoough i would have been forced to play qb or hb.

It has become obvious to me that with my LB size (6'1", 245) and OL speed I could not keep up with anyone on this thread in a foot race, not even in my "prime". In a one-on-one situation in the flat when I have the ball, I would not even think about the corner and just try and run over any of you.

If you saw the game or Primetime or Sportscenter last night, I'm sure you saw the play of the day - Tillman stealing the ball from Moss in the end zone with a minute to play. I rest my case.

DBs are the best athletes on the planet.