Future Brewers stars?

Brewers have 3 guys who I'd love to have in the Cubs farm system.

Tony Gwynn Jr., OF - If he is half the hitter his old man was, he'll be solid.

Prince Fielder, 1B (Cecil's son) - He hit 27 HR with 112 RBI & batted over .300 last year.

Rickie Weeks, 2B - Widely considered a future 2B star.

Pretty good recent drafting by a team known for sucking. It's good for the Cubs that they have no pitching, and worse, no money (or at least won't spend it).

as far as the sons go...they never ever ever I repeat ever are as good as their fathers were.

see Ken Griffey and Griffey Jr and Bobby and Barry Bonds as examples of this B-)

i just dont see prince Fielder being a top Major leaguer. he may but i just dont see it.

Gwynn i think is a shoe in if he doesn't burn out and weeks who knows its milwauke man