Future King of England is a vile misogynist

Referring to Kate as "the missus". How could he? Whatever next? Will Kate reveal herself as a vile misandrist bitch by referring to him as "the hubby"? I hope not.

By Claire Cohen

It was the moment that reduced an entire nation (well, half of it at least) to a groaning, cringing mass.
Yes, I’m talking to you Prince William.
Yesterday, during an interview with Gary Lineker for Match of the Day, Wills made a slip-up so almighty that he might as well have been David Beckham being shown a red card during the 1998 World Cup.
His crime? Our future monarch referred to his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, as ‘the missus’.
Let me share the full horror with you.
When asked by Lineker when he might take his son, 22-month old Prince George, to a football match, William replied:
“I don’t know, I’ll have to pass that by the missus, see how I can get away with it”.


3rd wave feminism doing a bang up job as usual. 


I apologise for reducing the entire OG to a groaning, cringing mass.

This is a thing?... Phone Post 3.0

That bastard! Phone Post 3.0

...just when we were making such progress as a gender. Phone Post 3.0

These people actually look for things to be offended by. The internet has a lot to answer for by turning moaning bloggers into professional journalists.

JohnMc1 - I want to move to the Netherlands. With their legalized Prostitution its a safe bet that they don't have a Feminist problem.
Well said. Phone Post 3.0

In all that rambling bullshit, she never even articulates why she thinks the terms "Mrs" is misogynist. She just puts it out there as a fact, then proceeds with the judgement.

Modern journalism is dogshit.

The British press is worse than AIDS Phone Post 3.0


Is this butthurt actually real?!? Phone Post 3.0

If it was Prince Harry, he WOULD say "the old ball and chain", then laugh at this "reporter" and fuck his supermodel side piece.


That kid needs to be king of SOMETHING.

haha. Poor William. This is the shit world he is going to have to deal with.

I knew this article couldn't be about Charles. That old boy is an unrepentant womanizing, fox hunting, polo playing, adulterer. The media probably wouldn't even bother trying to shame him anymore! LOL Charles hasn't given a damn about public perception in a long time!

Not much is worse than the far left Phone Post

I wonder if "cheese and kisses" would have been more appropriate? Phone Post 3.0

This "journalist" has turned being offended into a profession Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody - not as heavy as i expected

She looks like she could make a decent sammich. Phone Post 3.0

LOL, what a stupid bitch

I wish the entire royal family acted like Prince Philip, really give them something to complain about.