Future of shogun??

Proper conditioning
US camp

3 things he's at a disadvantage of from 90% of all UFC fighters Phone Post

Us camp and going to 185 if needed. Phone Post

If cardio is an issue he can always go train at a high-altitude camp.

Jackson's is presumably out of the question unless Jon Jones moves up to HW, but there's always Grudge in Denver and The Pit Elevated in Utah.


FatLoser raises a couple of very good points. With so many surgeries I think Shogun's knees are shot. I would love to see him work his wrestling more and BJJ game to pull off some sub victories. He is a BJJ BB who hasn't subbed anyone in competition for over 6 years. Also agree on Shogun's defensive boxing needing work. Jack Slack pointed it out and it was the reason that Hendo was able to tag him repeatedly. Also a testament to Shogun's heart as well...Bisping, Feijao, Fedor and Babalu have all fallen to the H bomb in recent times.


I think he needs to train with Raphael again, those two work so well with each other.  

Jack pointed out that the lead upper cut is bogus and Hendo is far to skilled a boxer to use that crap on and that's why Shogun was dropped inside a minute in the fight.

Hum, Thaiguy's original account? No I don't think so, just a troll (joke) attempt IMO, look at his post Irish, "this is very true : ( TRT + Kings MMA = success"

Thaiguy would never agree or fail to respond to the comment that Shogun's "contender" days may be gone IMO (Hell I don't agree and the scoring in the Gus fight was bogus IMO to boot although I'm cool with the decision because it was so close though), That would have been contested in some form IMO.