future pancrase matchups?

any word who almeida, crosley gracie, nilson de castro and
dave terrell will fight next?

i'd love to see gracie vs. de castro

any other good matchups pending?

I know it is early but will happen eventually.I cant wait for Terrell vs. Kikuta the match-up on paper is awesome.Hopefully we get to see it.

I'd like to see Yuichi Nakanishi fight Hidehiko Hasegawa or Hidetaka Monma.

Crosley vs anyone would be a good fight, though I'm not sure what's next for Crosley with him being ranked at #3 in the middleweight division with Ricardo Almeida as the middlewieght champ. There's no way Crosley Gracie and Ricardo Almeida will fight.

Denis Kang vs Sanae Kikuta would be an awesome fight. Both fighters are expert strategists and have unbelievable submission skill. That is a fight that I would truly love to see.

It would also be cool to see Kang fight Akihiro Gono or Yuki Sasaki.... either fight would be super intense.

Definitely looking forward to seeing Kang return to Pancrase. He is a fighter that has an incredible future. An event like Pancrase is a perfect venue for him to showcase his skill set.

Gono vs. almeida

De Castro x Gracie would not happen.I don't think Crosely is willing to go up,or De Castro willing to go down.It wouldnt draw much either.Gono x Almeida would be a nice match up,but I'd like to see Almeida stay at 181.