Watched him HANDLE much larger Carlo Prater lastnite in Legacy...Carlos has sm best BJJ in world @55...His striking Looked Awesome and ever improving...Sick throws and TD's he made CP look like a Blue belt and we know CP is a VERY solid fighter and BJJ BB ...I predict within a year this 6-0 MONSTER will be knocking on the TOP 15 in the world @55 and will make a HUGE IMPACT in the UFC when he gets there... I Know WORLD CHAMP material when I see it and this guy is gonna make a lot of noise!!!!

Is there a link to the fight?

He is good. We will see how good when he fights tougher guys.

He is apparently in California to compete in the Worlds today (or maybe tomorrow)


BAT try mmashare..CAesar I agree but fighting a guy like Prater with only 5 Fights speaks VOLUMES bout em..He wll only get better and thats scary