Futuristic Movie Timeline


I was hoping barbarella was next

From TV:   DS9's "Bell Riots" period of Sanctuary Districts due to overwhelming poverty, homelessness, and unemployment was set in Sept, 2024.





Idiocracy should be WAY up that list....

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Soylent Green is People!

Up next


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Black Dougie -

Idiocracy should be WAY up that list....


Canr wait for 12 monkeys. I can only hope to make it to V for Vendetta. 

Predator 2 beginning is BLM terrorism

Almost watched Soylent Green last night while working out since it’s up next on the menu

Edit: Did watch it last night while working out. Pretty funny concept of what “futuristic” outfits are. Charlton Heston is a cop, and he basically wears sweatpants and a members only jacket for the whole movie.

It appears that Idiocracy is way way way too far down the list.

Was Robocop really in 2015? I always assumed it took place in 1997.

Finally some Soylent Green on the way. Can’t wait to try it.

So I may be gullible, but all y’all posting about what movie is up next seem to think this is a list of future movie re-makes and when they’ll happen. Amirite?

This list is of the fictional timeline that these movies take place in. Soylent Green was set in the year 2022 e.g.