Fuxk- Marry-Kill? Ronda, Meisha, Carano

Fuck- Ronda (I probably wouldn't wear the pants in this hookup but that's ok)

Marry- Gina Carano (I would even change my last name to Mr. Dylan Carano)

Kill- Meisha Tate (because she hates us scholars on the UG)

You guys? Phone Post

Why is nobody going to partake in the festivities?? Phone Post

Fuck Gina (we all know whats about to happen with her. Tick tick tick...)

Marry Ronda.

Kill Miesha. Yeah, I know... dat ass and all... but she's super annoying to me.

The UG responding to this thread en masse cannot lead to good results.

run a train on Gina, because she's so cute and adorable

Marry Miesha...dat ass all day err day!!!

Kill Ronda...well she's the enemy I suppose

Fuck - Ronda

Marry - Gina

Kill - Miesha






Kill- Any chances of these 3 fighters coming onto the UG.

Fuck - your mother.

[insert nick diaz photo]

Fuck: Ronda
Marry; Gina
Kill: miesha Phone Post