Just to let you know that I'm doing well at Camp Atterbury...please pray for RickT a member of the MMA that is sick...God blees you all!!!


Glad to hear all is well.  Keep checking in if you can.  Prayers sent.

Stay safe Jorge...I'll keep praying for you.

I'm happy that only Catholics worry about me...

I prayed for you too

the rev

Your name is still on the list buddy so technically....

Latinosoy,I pray that God watch over you and yours.I pray that you are safe and that you are able to keep your eyes on the things above even in the midst of so much chaos.I ask the Lord that you might be reunited with your family with a safe return and that you may even be used by the Lord as a witness to His glory wherever you are.I pray that RickT would heal and that all of us will look to our Lord in all situations,giving thanks to Him and praising His name.In Jesus name,Amen.

Be safe.Know that God is with you and I hope you remember that this season is fleeting.We will be with the Lord forever.