Fyodor -more respect for himself than does A.Silva

I find all of this very disappointing. Emelianenko does nothing but honor his opponents. Tomfoolery should be discouraged.

I have spoken.

I agree

Fedor shows up and engages constantly.

Dude tries to finish constantly.

I am no longer a fan of Silva.

This is the 3rd time in what...4 fights?

Or is it the 3rd time in 5 fights?

What did Silva do this time?

Was it another Laites type fight?

Cat Shannon - 
Magic8 - What did Silva do this time?

Was it another Laites type fight?

 Arguably worse.

With all the bullshit yelling and such, yeah I'd make that arguement.

Anderson was winning the fight from start to finish, Maia was not.

(Yes, it was boring but w/e)

Sagiv Lapkin -  Demian should have MADE him stop.....by actually offering some resistance...

He did. Maia was actually the aggressor in the fight.

There's no question about it, Anderson won. Maia at best may have gotten the nod in the 4th. The problem is that Anderson behaved like a douchebag. If all you are willing to do is backpedal waiting for an opportunity at a counter you have no reason to blame the other person for not doing what Forrest did.

It's withen your right to behave like a clowning douchebag and try to goad your opponent into losing his cool but it just makes you a disrespectful ass hat.

Did Maia do anything like call him a pussy for not going into his guard? No, Maia showed restraint and class in that loss.

Anderson is now tied in my mind for the most disrespectful athlete in MMA with Brock. Just for different reasons.