G. Bush Jr. or Biden. Who is/was the more embarrassing public speaker?

I don’t know if I can answer this.

Biden by a landslide.


It doesn’t get worse than mumbling Joe.

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Biden. Not even close.

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You can fool Bush J once…your not gonna fool him again…
Funny gaff but at least it was understandable…

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I will give you that.

Reminds me of a Michael Scott quote.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…strike 3.

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Biden without a doubt. I imagine his handlers will stop letting him speak in public at all before too long.

Biden and it’s not even close, Bush actually comes off like he may have a speech impediment, Biden’s just got dementia and it’s cruel what the left is doing to the pedo.

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Biden by far.

Bush’s made up words and little gaffs in a way endeared him to some people. He portrayed sincerity, and the laughs were often good natured.

Biden exudes dishonesty and incompetence.
You really wonder if he knows what he’s talking about half the time.

Obviously, staunch supporters of either one will defend them.


Biden is a bumbling, stuttering fool.
At least Bush has awesome shoe dodging skills.
Can you imagine Biden trying to dodge a shoe?


There are a lot of videos of Bush speaking when he was governor. He never seemed to stumble over his words at all. So it’s possible George had a little dementia going on too. But I think the whole child fondling thing with Biden makes him more of an embarrassment.

Biden wins every category of most embarrassing. It’s no exaggeration to say if he isn’t reading verbatim off a teleprompter or from notes, he loses his train of thought. Forgets where he physically is. Forgets peoples names such as who he was VP under, who his current secretary of defense is, how long he was a senator (not 120 years like he said) who he ran against to become president and the fact that he, not Kamala is actually the president. Those are just a few things off the top of my head. He’s a train wreck of dementia

Funny. I almost mentioned his ninja shoe dodging powers.

Biden for sure. GW and Obama were both pretty bad when the teleprompter wasn’t around but we’re fine when it was on. Biden can’t even get through a teleprompter speech without fucking it up lol

Maybe he was high or drunk

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Biden and it isn’t close.

Bush’s only problem seemed to be struggling with the teleprompter or reading what’s in front of him.

But he was quick off the cuff and could go off script without sounding like a nonsensical Granpa Simpson rant.


This is actually a comparison? wow

Definitely Biden. He rambles like a senile old man. Bush had a few embarrassing moments but that’s bound to happen when you give that many speeches. But Trump is the ultimate embarrassment. Transcripts from his speeches read like he’s having a stroke