G. Bush Jr. or Biden. Who is/was the more embarrassing public speaker?

You must have really low standards if you think Dubya could speak well off the cuff.

Can you imagine PedoJoe throwing a pitch? The leader of the free world is a child sniffing retard.

Trump managed to get the U.N. to laugh at him.
Representatives and leaders from all around the world mocked his words with laughter. Slam dunk on embarrassment.

How so? The average person isn’t that bright, and half the world is dumber than him/her.

Joe biden somehow manages to make bush look well spoken

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China Joe looks confused and bewildered reading from a teleprompter. By far the worst speaker we have ever had as POTUS. So bad other world leaders challenge to speak to him LIVE and laugh when he makes excuses about not doing it. A true joke.

He reminds me of the kid in class that did none of the project with his group, but is expected to present it to the class. He shows up and fumbles his way through reading the notes while understanding none of it. Also that kid would have to have dementia to be as bad as ol’ Joe.

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Are you serious?

Wouldn’t even make it to the plate. He’d have to toss it from 10 feet out.


You realize that g is normally distributed, right?

The masses are asses.

This last election proves it.

Are we still discussing intelligence, or just a variation from your political preference?

I do. I was just paraphrasing a famous George Carlin quote. It is going to be nearly impossible for you and I to come to a conclusion on if the majority of the people on earth are intelligent. If you have some data that illustrates your point I’d be happy to see it. Otherwise I’m leaning mostly anecdotally towards most of the world being fucking dumb, easily angered, illogical, and unable see big picture concepts beyond their incredibly tiny worldview, and unwilling to educate themselves regardless of access to information

In the case of the election, the 2 are related.

But politics aside… yes, the masses are asses.

Biden as POTUS by a country mile! That senile scumbag POS can barely walk let alone have a coherent thought.

It’s ironic… the vehicle that allows us to access a world of knowledge at our fingertips – (the internet) – is also largely responsible for the overall dumbing down of society.

A wise man once told me… if you know, but fail to act – it’s the same as not knowing.

I’m just looking at this psychometrically and statistically. As I mentioned, g is normally distributed with the mean deviation score being set at 100. That means, on average, 50% of the planet’s population has a score over 100. I’m not sure what your threshold for stupidity is, but deviation score of 100, while not bright, isn’t dumb.

Unless we’re not really talking about intelligence but, rather, culture and choices.


Biden and its not even fucking close. I hated G-dub but he simply came off as a dummy. Biden comes off as a window licker who doesn’t even know that he’s the president.

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