G.Carano is an American Gladiator?

the new season of american gladiators starts in jan 08

hosted by hulk hogan and laila ali.

one of the female gladiators is reported to be none other than gina carano.

sorry if this was already reported!


heard about this last night when I was @ the TUF Finally..couple of people have told me the same.

rather watch her in that show then watce anymore of her dive figts

Ain't that the truth!

you guys are harsh



are you fuckin kiddin me?^

all the male gladiators where a bunch of juiced up dudes?

and the chicks had shelly beattie (ms olympia competitor) along with raye hollitt another bb

orig show was like the old wwf

full of bodybuilders!!!!!!

Hopefully she doesn't get injured like Malibu:

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malibu was/is a big chick!

besides bodybuilders?

who did they have as gladiators?

seriously? its on espn 2 every day.

watch it. no former nfl players.


Gina's Gladiator name is "Crush"

While Gina's a solid athlete and beyond easy on the eyes...she's no big enough. Gina's normal sized. She's not going to be able to throw anyone around or physically bully any semi-athletic contestants. She might be able to beat them in an MMA or kickboxing match...but this is American Gladiators.

"She's not exactly a pyhsical specimen. "

"Wtf exactly do you think you were disagreeing with me or correcting me about? "

BLAF, look at that body, and tell me she is not a physical specimen.  I am both disagreeing with you, and correcting you at the same time.  Please suicide yourself, sooner rather than later.



BLAF is correct here.

She's hot, so I'll check it out regardless.

Shootfightermike is correct.

The guys weren't athletes. They were fucking juiceheads who didn't make it in real sports.

Sort of like "semi-pro" (emphasis on semi) football players. Every one that I've ever known has been big on roids little on talent.

she's only hot on this forum because UG/OG nerds dont pull chics

that chic is not a hottie

only an asshole moron thinks gina's last fight was a work. her opponent was just a can, that is all. every ten seconds all these keyboard turds are calling every fight they dont liek a work. especially if its a poster boy/girl who is actually talented and wins.

i have met gina in person and she's stunning.

she may bulk up for the show. more than likely she spends very little time in the weight room in the normal run of things. weights 3-4 times a week and a the correct diet could have her packing on serious muscle. she a mesomorph so entirely possible.