I'll be in Tokyo in late Dec and early Jan. Last time I visited I did some training at G SQUARE, which was fantastic. This was over a year ago so needless to say I've forgoten location etc. I remember it was off Mita subway line. If anyone could give me directions, an english website etc. it would be very much appreciated.


Shirokane-takenawa is the name of the stop.
It's on both the Namboku & Mita lines.

I have forgotten the actual exit number, but when you go through the ticket gates, do a hard left (u-turn) and go up the lifts.

When you get to the surface keep going straight and head towards the main intersection about 200 meters
away. It is on the opposite corner.

Thanks heaps Paul!

You're welcome.

G-Square is a great place to train with nice guys.

Pity the start time sucks ...

Yeah I had an absolute ball last time, I can't wait to go back.