G*tdamn subcontractor

Oh I wish that were true

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Did he put 3 small pieces in on the bottom, right of the curve?

Subs can definitely make or break you in a few ways haha. Will be :eyes: for those “re-finish” pics :+1:


He did…make it make sense, I cant


I’m trying dude! Haha I am studying like I’m taking a test tomorrow.

I see what… nah I got nothing :exploding_head:

Also I “like” the pic with 3/4 of the corner conspicuously hanging off the edge, nice angles man.

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Did you get this shit straightened out OP?

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Would like to see the fix or tittys…or both.


WTF am I looking at?

I found these guys on craigslist. They’te doing a good job.

Haven’t been back yet…I’m hold per homeowner for now. No worries