G3 live in Denver

I just picked up this dvd and it simply kicks ass. It is so good to hear guitarists who can play again. It did make me want to burn my guitars as I will never be able to play them as well as the three I just watched. My only question is who is the guy who Ate Yngwie Malmsteen he was really good?

Great DVD!!! Isaw the live show in Boston and it was just plain amazing, this DVD gives another perspective of the show and has some different songs (especially Juice by Vai). Yngwie did get a little chunky but those little chubby fingers can still fly :)...Joe

I think this dvd was better then the firts one. My only complaint would be for Vai to get more then 3 songs shown from his set. Would have loved to see him do some Roth material since he had Sheenan playing base for him again.