holy shit... when did these two channels merge into one?

Yeah I noticed that too. I never got G4 on DTV then suddenly Tech TV is called G4 and some of the shows are different. Makes sense I guess.

I think comcast (g4's parent company) bought Tech TV out. Most of G4's programing sucks ass IMO, all of their shows consist of unfunny homosexual hosts and bias reviewing.

All I ever really watched on Tech TV was Xplay when I could catch it, as long as that isn't going away I don't really care. Morgan Webb is fucking fine as hell.

Xplay sucks ass - the hosts are annoying, and morgan is a friggin Troll - the best show is Unscrewed

whateva man, if you wouldn't bone morgan then I doubt your hetro street credentials. She's got a perfect face, hot bod, tig ol bitties, and she games. What more can you ask for.

Unscrewed sucks shit man. That martin guy is not funny at all. The black girl is pretty fuckin hot though.

morgan has a man's face - if you really take a look, she has the jaw line and profile of a dude

blasphemy! her facial structure is quite feminine. She simply has more defined lines, but they are hardly masculine.

TechTV was better than G4.

Watch you mouth call Morgan webb Ugly.

I don't have G4, so when I go to visit family and friends in CT, I stay up all night watching it.
Spice Channel, G4, Food Network... If they just added a Reefer Channel, all of my entertainment needs would be met.

yea... what a hottie

her chin sticks out farther than her big ass nose

that's a dude if I ever saw one.

I don't want to schlong Morgan Webb

in fact, I'd pay not to have to bone her.

You guys are such fucking homosexuals it isn't even funny.



lol@ this next picture. Look at the way this goofy fatass only touches her waist with the tips of his fingers (and note morgans ample bosom)


I bet invalid would greatly prefer THIS webb


some stalkers moblog of morgan


invalid your a fag.

my friend Caitlin was on G4

anyone else find it ironic that Krispy says "your [sic] a fag" to a guy who wouldn't bang a girl because he thinks she looks like a man?

post the pics you swine!

no way - i don't want to become impotent