GA College Needs Wrestling Coach

I recieved this email from one of my former wrestlers here in GA trying to spearhead a Junior College team with hopes of going DIII next year. If you are seriously interested PLEASE contact Walker Daniel. | 678 618 7214


Walker Daniel (2006 171 lb. AAAA Runner-UP from Henry County HS ) is a freshman and an aspiring wrestler at Gordon College this year. Walker has contacted Marty Hutsell (his former HS coach) and me for help in finding a wrestling coach for Gordon College . Any ideas? As amateur wrestling enthusiasts, we all need to support the increase of collegiate wrestling opportunities throughout the state of Georgia ! There must be somebody out there that can fill this need?

As many of you probably already know, Gordon College plans to field an Inter-collegiate Wrestling team this coming season with the intentions of moving up to Division III status next year...if all goes well. However, they still need a coach to organize and guide this team in its first year of existence. Marty and I feel that there has be a few former college wrestlers and / or high school coaches (living in the Atlanta area), who would be interested in making an extra $4,000 as a "part time" coach for a five month period?

We also feel confident that the Gordon College AD will be able to find help to assist this "prospective" coach with the administrative portion of the job. His main requirement would to be to organize and coach the team members in the wrestling room and at the team meets.

For years we ALL have been complaining about the lack of wrestling opportunities at the next level in the state of Georgia , Collectively, we should be able to help identify a "prospective" coaching candidate for Gordon College . Let us hear your suggestions.

Time is getting short. According to Walker , the AD wants to start recruiting student / wrestlers and organizing the team in mid to late September. Here is a chance to help the process...much like Paula MaGahee has done at Darton College .



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I know the perfect candidate, but it would have to be full time. He would have to move from WV.

His name is Jeremy Rhodes.

Cliff, contact a guy named Bob Berg. He knows EVERYONE in high school wrestling and might be able to help. He also keeps up with alumnae.


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How about Nate Carr? He is in the mid GA area last time I heard...

Other names that come to mind...

John Wehby (former GA tech wrestling coach)
Jeff Bedard
I also have a guy that trains with us that is the wrestling coach for East Coweta. If it's a good enough pay increase he may be interested.



Cliff (or anyone else): Can you tell where Gordon College is, and how far from downtown Atlanta it is?

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All the people in the GA wreslting community are aware of this, Nate Carr is a great Candidate but he ins't interested. He likes doing his camps and can make alot more money that way I think. Great guy known him for a while but don't think he's interested.

Gordon is about 30-40 minutes down 75 south from ATL. Walker has done a stellar job of already recruiting a whose who of local GA wrestlers to come out for the team that elected to stay in GA for they schooling.

Oblas I know Bob Berg as well this is posted on another wrestling forum he frequents so I'm sue he knows, thanks.

Thanks to anyone that can pass this along please contact:

Walker Daniel, I'm just a messenger.

Walker Daniel | 678 618 7214

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Great deal for the state of Georgia, but HS coaches get paid more than that here.  I got 1500 just for being one of 4 assitants when I was coaching HS.  They might need to up the ante pay wise.  Just to put things into perspective, Jim Miller at D3 Wartburg gets between 70 and 80k.