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Gabe Ruediger Interview - By Brad Doerges

Gabe Ruediger is the current Lightweight Champion of the WEC. After losing his first fight by TKO he went on a terror going undefeated in his next 9 fights and picked up the 155lb belt along the way. Now Gabe is facing the biggest fight of his career defending his title vs UFC Veteran and Jiu Jitsu specialist Hermes Franca.

Brad Doerges – Last time we talked you were telling me about how you were training at all these different places Apex, R1, Fairtex... Is this how you usually train for a fight or are you stepping it up for the biggest fight in your career?

Gabe Ruediger – I have definitely been pushing it harder than I normally do. Definitely working harder on my stand up and wrestling more so than I normally do. I feel like my Jiu Jitsu is competitive with pretty much anybody. I still have been training with a lot of legitimate Jiu Jitsu guys Henry Aikens, Black belt under Rickson, Rodiego Meideros, Mario Hiest still get a lot of Jiu Jitsu guys. I still feel like to take him out of his game plan I will want to strike with him.

Brad – How is training with the APEX guys?

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Good interview, I like Gabe's mentality as a fighter. Seems very studious, which in this sport is very important.


I dont know how such a good looking guy, could speak*thanks dunc* so well

Poor Gabe. He can "speak" well but I'm not sure how his mouth is going to work after the Franca fight. Now flame on.



Damn... that GODZILLA is blowin up!!!!

TTT for Godzilla even though i never heard the story...

brad, if you go to the WEC, Ill tell you in person

TTT for Gabe!


brad, if you go to the WEC, Ill tell you in person

Haha I will hold you to that... see ya there...


Props to one of the best 155er's out there... GODZILLA's gonna kick ass n' take names later!!