Gabe Ruediger Nixed From K-1!

Spike TV TUF fighter, Gabe Ruediger, has been barred from fighting in this Saturday's K-1/Pro Elite show. Ruediger was released from his UFC contract to pursue fighting elsewhere. He recently signed with the K-1 where he was to face Katsuhiko Nagata (2-1).
He was dropped from fighting on the card by California State Athletic Commissioner, Armando Garcia, who had recently watched Ruediger on The Ultimate Fighter TV show. Garcia cited the show in determining that Ruediger was "mentally unfit to fight". On the show Ruediger seemed to have suffered a mental breakdown after unsuccessfuly making the 155lbs. weight limit. This fight would have been at 161lbs. It is unclear if Ruediger will be able to fight in California if he is not cleared by a mental health specialist.


i hate to say this but "pw3nd"

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Reality TV ......

Somebody get Armando his own neo-con talk show already!

Actually  I'd get an attorney and see where I stood legally and shove it up their asses  if they are discriminating on basis of a TV show....

lol at cake


I really won't be surprised if Gabe commits suicide.

This isn't the first time the CSAC has done something off the wall in their short time allowing MMA fights in the state.

For the record, im not a Godzilla fan and think the aftermath of TUF on this forum was hilarious and well deserved... But he should be allowed to fight in K-1 if he was released from his UFC contract.

I agree Oddessa...since when have reality shows been considered legitimate grounds for judgment?

Armando might end up having a new job after all...

lol this sounds like BS.

That's fucking ridiculous regardless of what you think of Gabe.


is the source legit?

CSAC denies a guy a license to fight  and make  a living based on judgement of an edited TV show.  I'd get representation and see where I stood.

A promotor friend  told me they are most  ass backwards commision in USA. 

I would sue them..

CSAC seems totally wrong in this instance.

However have you ever seen a plan backfire so horrendously as Gabe's plan to raise his stock in MMA going into TUF5? He did such a bad job that it's affecting him fighting in other orgs.

the same commision that banned Josh Thompson for calling Shamrock names?

I call bullshit

Zuffa money can make CSAC officials say the stupidest things. Bullshit with a cherry on top imo.