Man, he seriously trolled BLAF.

Dana seemed very upset.


If he did that on purpose then yeah, it was funny. Now he has to pay the price. Welcome to the WEC prelims... IF THAT.

Gabe has leeched the best techniques over the years...masterful performance.


This is high level stuff...the goal is not always to come out smelling like a's more personal...

Did you see how upset dana was?


You don't understand's legendary stuff.


You are a newb, you wouldn't understand dude.

Actually, I am kinda leaning towards tellis' side of it. If it is more deep than Gabe destroying his career by looking like a total puss, please, enlighten us.

You guys must be newbs...I'm an old school mma fan...I was around during the days of anti-sherdog and todd atkins and tape lord and all the rest...and gabe just out did them guys don't understand the pure and unadulterated fucking genious of this man, this brilliant man, Gabe Ruedigar. He's a fucking genius and the greatest troll I've yet to see.

Sanjaya is to American Idol as Gabe is to TUF.

They made mockeries of the shows, and in doing so, ensured their place in troll history.

Ahhh, I get it now. Yeah I've been here for quite some time. I know all about the whole Fightsport squad. So basically you are saying that he made an ass of himself. Okay, I agree.

Tellis is unaware of the's ok Bro...this is bigger than a UFC fight

Dana was very upset

Gabe didn't wanna fight Corey. That's why he didn't work hard to make weight. Plain and simple. He pussed out. But he did troll Dana. Gabe's sitting at home watching the show and laughing his ass off.

"Gabe's sitting at home watching the show and laughing his ass off."

You mean, in his parents basement? Yeah he sure looked like he thought he put one over on Dana when he was blubbering in front of the camera saying how sorry he was.


The delicate art of the troll is gaining popularity in today's topsy turvy world. It is, at it's highest form of expression, full-contact satire. I stand in awe of Gabe's dedication to his craft. All the training to build himself up as a credible fighter, in order to get on the TV show, only to reveal himself as a blubbering weakling to the shocked amazement of Dana White, other fighters, and millions of americans. Amazing!

Like certain types of humor,either you get what Gabe sought, or you don't.

Ron Mexico gets it.

Unofrtunately Gabe isn't the only one to troll him. Also UFC deserves what they get with some of the fighter selections for this season, I agree dana has trolle dus somewhat.

will Gabe get to fight the Predator now?