Gabe's just this season's bad seed

Every season has it. Soem fighter on the show some how fucks up and makes themselves look foolish, he isn't the first. Outside of season 1 every season has had some bad seed that has made MMa look a bit disgraceful.

Remember TUF 2 had that guy wouldn't cut weight on the 1st episode, Dana gave the "do you want to be a fucking fighter?" speech.

Season 3, Noah leaves cause of some rumor about his girlfriend.

Season 4, Jeremy Jackson violated the rules to supposodely "talk to some lifeguard" he met at the YMCA.

Now season 5, we have Gabe.

So the quesiton is. Does the UFC bring guys in that are expected to fuck up, or does their screening process just suck big time. I'll go with the latter. Dana says there are always other guys out there that would kill for a spot on the show, well bring them in instead of bringing in guys like Gabe.

Jason Thacker does not deserve to be in your rogue's gallery. He was a decent, hardworking, dedicated guy who was simply in over his head. No disgrace in that.

agreed, Thacker I had no problem with. I'm talking about guys who threw away opportunities by letting themselves down. Leben might've cried and lost, but he lost in a fight , making weight wasn't an issue.

I've never cut weight, or no what its like to cut weight with so little time in a sauna so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite. However, I also don't have a dream to be an MMA star or anything and never will have that desire. I don't get how people are so irresponsible with their weight though, how many people on this forum who have had to cut weight for a fight (I'm sure there has been a few) that they knew was upcoming didn't keep track of their weight/diet on a daily basis. Just kind of boggles my mind, everyone who comes on the show should have learned from previous season's about the whole weight thing and not put themselves in such a tough situation that they can't handle.