Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shawn Jordan

Up next... I got Jordan

lol Gonzaga kept the moustache

Gabe sub 1

Gonzaga by JO Phone Post

I picked Gonzaga.

Loving the 'stache Phone Post

I've got Jordan.

And Brttany's tits look marvelous tonight.

I wonder how many pairs of women's panties were ruined on Gonzagas walk to the octagon. That stache... Phone Post 3.0

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gabriel Gonzaga: still scary as fuck.

You can never ever sleep on Napao. Phone Post 3.0

Gonzaga is like the Randleman/Vitor, so talented, so up and down.

Wow.... the power of the moustache

Chagrin - Gabriel Gonzaga: still scary as fuck.
Agreed Phone Post 3.0

Beast Phone Post

Hell yeah!! Phone Post

I'm 9-1 so far.

I love Gonzaga. Would love to see him train with the best and fight smart. I've always thought he has all the gifts to be #1.

But he's pretty "up" lately. In his last 6 he has won 3 by sub and 2 by KO and the only loss was to those really questionable (back of the head) elbows from Browne.