Gain more strength and cardio!!

I just got back from the Rhadi and JC Santana strength and conditioning seminar. Anyone that is serious about taking there training to the next level has got to check this out. These guys have not just changed how I train, they have changed my life! They will teach you what it takes to go from a competitive athlete to an elite level athlete. They don't hold back anything, they give you all the tools to map out a successful training program. If you can' t make it to a seminar check out there books. They show hundreds of exercises and explain them in great detail. These guys are at the top of there field, and the best at what they do. They are changing the way training is approached and performed. Don't miss an opportunity to learn from the best!

Mikyo Riggs
owner/founder- Marin MMA

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The JC Santana Bodyweight, DBell and Functional strength DVDs have some pretty good info on them. Does anyone have his new grappler series material?

I saw some of it at the seminar. It is awsome! they have a whole mma and judo/jiu jitsu tape coming out as well!

Are said books and dvds avaiable at maybe Borders or something similiar???

If not, does anyone have a link to a site that offers them??


this link should take you to their store

What do you think of the Cross Fit System? I had heard a lot of Ralph Gracie's group follow it for training strength and conditioning.