Gain strength without weight?

Is it possible to gain significant strength without weight to go along with it, and how?

I've heard this is so, but with the use of certain supplements that may be deemed illegal and arguably harmful to the, Fina !

Yeah. I've gotten quite a lot stronger and relatively stayed the same weight but I look quite a lot bigger then when I started.

Started about 75kg after a 2 years of training. 2 years later I'm a raw weight of 76kg and am much stronger and I look much bigger also.

You will lose weight in fat weight and lean out and get bigger.

I don't take any supplements though so that probably has kept me leaner and a good weight. Instead of too much weight and stuff that my body hasn't used. But I'm no really looking to get huge though.


Yes and no. You can train your nervous system to become more efficient at using the muscle you have, but only on specific movements.

This may be accompanied by some structural and hormonal changes that may make you generally stronger also.

If your talking staying in a weight class, I'd concentrate mostly on skill training any maybe cycle in some max effort lifting into your regular conditioning just for the hell of it.

If it's just a matter of you having some bias against putting on size and your trying to justify staying light. Sorry, you'll always be generally stronger if you put on muscle. Improvements in strength relative to bodyweight don't seem to be very meaningful outside of the gym.

Harry is refreshingly correct! Read every word he wrote, since each speaks volumes about real conditioning.




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according to some british kid on the ironlife forum, the key to building strength without extra bodyweight is to do high reps with low weight. He suggests doing 30 reps per set. So whatever weight at 30 reps and you will have "extreme strength". He doesn't say what weight he started at to reach 30 reps. He does mention that he can do 30 reps at 25kg, which is roughly about 55lbs. From his repeated posts about strength he does sound like the 'Commandments' of Furey which blasts anything about heavy weight training like the 5x5 stuff, power lifting, and oly lifts. He calls it a waste of time and that only doing what he does will make you a better, stronger fighter and that you can beat any muscle bound guy like he has (in his fitness gym). The one thing he does mention that brings into play professionals from the MMA world was that muscle bound fighters such as Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, and Mark Kerr would lose to a guy like him. I am not sure if this guy knows much about these guys when they were in their prime, but he claims because they are muscle bound they would lose to him or any other guy with a lean build.

His poor facts did not help the conclusion and also brings back the old 80s and 90's leotard fitness mentality I remember. I thought of referring the guy to this forum to get deconditioned, but that would just lead to uneccessary posts and tons of trolling. I did ask him what his max squat, bench, and deadlift were to gauge his hi rep training progress. He shot back saying that max lifts are not good to gauge any progress and would cause him to lose his flexibility like it does to muscle bound people.

Are all people in England like this, besides bad teeth and queer? j/k j/k

Ayla, hey, props for taking the piss out of this jerk but come on, we're not all that bad, and we don't all have bad teeth.

We do all have afternoon tea and perfect elocution however.

thanks for the reply CockneyBlue, I understand everyone in their country have a few like this. I found it funny that there are still young people out there that have ignored the current information to debunk the myths. funny though.

One of his posts went something to the effect: "I'm English and I don't a bloody damn about you!"


It is absolutely possible to gain strength while not gaining weight or even losing weight.

enhanced motor unit (nerve and muscle fibers it innervates) recruitment

rate coding, the rate at which motor units are recruited

Inhibition of golgi tendon organ (regulates muscle tension)

exhibition of muscle spindle discharge

Intermuscular coordination, learning to use various muscle groups at a specific time to contirbute to movement

thank you
Coach Hale

motor unit recruitment- by maximizing the number of fibers recruited at the same time force production will likely increase

rate coding- this occurs when motor units are recruited in close proximity with each other. Example a motor unit and its fibers are recruited but before they are completed expended another motor unit contibutes (tetanus)

golgi tendon organ- proprioceptor that regulates muscular tension. If tension is too high muscular contraction is inhibited.

Muscle spindle discharge- this contributes to the strethc reflex. The job of muscle spindles is regulation of length of muslce. When a quick stretch precedes a contraction with minimal transistion time the stretch reflex is ignited and Concentric force production is maximized.

Intermuscular coordination- learning to use muscles together to produce a specific movement pattern. A certain level is necessary with all types of movements.

thank you
Coach Hale

Are all people in England like this, besides bad teeth and queer? j/k j/k Hey just wondering but where did this English people with bad teeth come from? Just wondering as I may live in England have done so for 16yrs but don't know all the in's and out's of this sort of thing. Like they are called Limey's to stop them from infection/disease when they were at sea right?Well that guy was a fool.I've trained on 6r x 5s in my squats and most of my stuff and I have gained weight to start but it has levelled off. I am lifting much more and I stay the same weight roughly.But a lot of it is also probably due to what Coach Hale has said. Better efficiency and more motor unit recruitment and just practice in general.It sure as hell is that in Gymnastics with the power holds. You work at it for 6weeks plus and you find aftr that you CAN do it. You are a bigger from it but not huge but you sure as hell can do it.Koing

Are you stronger or merely more skilled in the lift?

sorry noted in the closing of my comment j/k j/k meant I was joking. of course I wouldn't subject myself to fully practice stereotypes of other countrymen based on popular media.

One thing that people seem to not realize is that experience doing a lift is a considerable factor. I used to know guys in their late 30s who could show up and do 350 on the bench at like 190lbs bodyweight. I could throw them around the room but they had been doing it for so long that it was routine.

toddseney yeah I an stronger all overall. I can lift more on the more 'simple' lifts then when I started 2yrs ago. Squat is up from 150lbs to 319lbs. Bench was about 100lbs or so, or even THAT when I started training. Now its up to about 200lbs. I can DL much more, jump higher, press more. Everything is up.

My OL is better with a conbination of technique and strength. Of course you need the strength to go with the technique. Technique alone is going to cut up to much if your weak. It helps you lift more with 'less effort' if you have good technique. I sure as hell clean much more then other people with less effort. Most sort of DL+fast bend overbackwards and curl sort of thing. I've seen that many times.

ayla108 yeah I know you were joking. I was just wondering where this crooked/busted teeth thing came from.

Yeah we all know experience is a factor. Also just practice and training time spent doing the lift. But then you get some scary strong people.

My coach knew a guy before ANY TRAINING at all that could Military Press his OWN BODY weight on a dam bar! Won't find many like that.


so coach hale.. what type of exercises/routines support the gaining of strength without size?