Gaining Mass for MMA

Hey everyone, been training for about 2 years now. I have had 5 ammy (4-1) fights up to this point. I have been fighting at 170 for the majority of it. I am walking around at 177-180, and a lot of the guys I'm fighting are cutting quite a bit more weight and feel much stronger. I currently don't lift weights at all, and I know it is the next step in my progression. Can anyone send me in the direction of or give me some ideas for getting on a lifting program to put on some muscle mass and gain some strength?

Good question. At the moment i'm predominantly a striker, but I am working very hard to keep well rounded. I dont know how comfortable I would feel lifting to increase just one aspect of myself.

I have thought about the cut to 155, but the fact is im 6'1, and not all that skinny. I believe it would be a difficult. maybe down the road if my career progresses I would be willing to make that cut, but for now I would like to put on some muscle mass.

Lifting weights isn't going to immediately make you "gain mass", you also need to have a caloric surplus present in your diet in order for this to happen.

How much bodyfat do you have?  If you walk at 180 because you have some extra bodyfat to lose and can safely get yourself down to 165 (or so), then a 10lb cut is much more reasonable.

What do your coaches think?

Hire a strength coach.

If you've never lifted before, you should be able to increase your lean body mass while decreasing your bodyfat percentage. You'll be stronger at the same bodyweight.

thats exactly what i am looking for. My Body Fat is not very high, I am pretty lean as it is. I'm not looking to put on 20 lbs of bulk, maybe just 7-10 lbs of muscle. Increasing my lean body mass is exaclty what I want. Any ideas where I could find a lifting program to help me with this?

If you're not currently doing any lifting at all, just about any program will improve both strength and body composition.

Specifically, you need a program designed around your schedule, lifting experience and recovery ability. S&C work shouldn't hinder your skill training.

I'm surprised you haven't asked your coach or someone at your MMA school to help you out.

I dont train at an actual school. I am in the military, and I just train with a bunch of guys on base. We have some good fighters, but no real set "Coach" as it were. I am kind of on my own when it comes to lifting, which is why I have come here for some inputs....

Do any of the other guys you train with lift weights?

Yeah they do. I am really just looking for a program I can get on to lift ony my own and put on some muscle. If someone could just point me in the direction of a website or a program to look in to it would be much appreciated.

These are two great articles about lifting for MA/fighting (the first one) and about gaining mass without compromising other aspects of your abilities.

Has nothing to do with being a gym outcast. Like I said, were all military, we all work pretty different shifts and it is hard enough to get together three times a week for MMA practice. I dont really want to have ot be chasing a lifting partner around too. Just want something I can do on my own.

It's a good idea to have a lifting partner, especially when you are unfamiliar with proper lifting technique and/or lifting heavy enough to require a spotter.

The guys you train with should be more than happy to help you design a program, and there should be plenty of people in the weightroom who can help with correct lifting form.



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Hey man,

Check out this 2-part article series. It'll give you a decent primer on program design and should be enough to give you a starting point. If you have never lifted before, pretty much any progressive overload will give you results.
You just need to find a template that fits your schedule.

Honestly, Rosstraining is great, especially for fight conditioning...but not for gaining mass. People think that Ross is revolutionary...but between military training and mma training, you've probably already done that kinda stuff before.

Good luck!

To Combine Mick and 614 since you are new to the game just eat and lift. Big lifts Presses and Rows, Squats, DL's, Lunges. All multi-joint. 8-12 reps. Push your self to the limit. Start with total body move to upper/lower Don't waste your time with abs or Bicep curls.

It's simple so treat it simply. Nothing fancy.

Drop down a weightclass my friend. Weightcutting has (sadly) become and integral part of the sport.

I'll be cutting to 145 from 160.