Gainsville Fight Night 4

Another great show. Good stuff, Lane.

Big Congrats to John "Sunshine McKenzie" for successfully defending his Heavyweight Title...victory by 2nd round RNC.

Also congrats to Tom Loughmiller in his middleweight debut. Tom beat a very tough kid with a strong wrestling background by triangle choke, also in the 2nd round.

With all the griping about the upcoming rule changes for ammy MMA in GA, this was a FANTASTIC show, and I was happy to be there. Great night for Creighton MMA...was just thinking that CMMA's 3 active fighters (Pro and Ammy) are a combined 16-0 or something like that.

Lot's of other tough fights as well last night. Good show by all.

Congrats to "Sunshine" and Tom! Wish I could've been there, but I'm out of town this week.

Thanks for the update, Morgz.

Here are the results from Extreme Fight Night:

1) 3 Rounds Muay Thai Rules Cruiserweight

Carl Finley (Nemisis Gym/Murfreesboro TN)
Art Miller (Knuckle Up/Atlanta GA)

Winner: Art Miller by TKO/CUT
2) 3 Rounds Muay Thai Rules Light Heavyweight

Rebecca "Spooky" Duran (Megalodon Gym/Commerce GA)
Amika Olchavick (NBS Gym/Raleigh NC)

Winner: Amika Olchavick by Unanimous Decision

3) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Light Heavyweight

Donald Rose (Alliance Fighting Systems/Atlanta GA)
Joshua Fountain (Bulldog Kickboxing/Snellville GA)

Winner: Josh Fountain by strikes in Round # 1

4) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight

Randy Goss (Team BAM/Dawsonville GA)
Ryan Smith (The HardCore Gym/Athens GA)

Winner: Randy Goss by decision

5) 3 Rounds Muay Thai Rules Middleweight

Brian Hutchings (Stray Dog Gym/Carnesville GA)
Eric Gurvin (Knuckle Up/Atlanta GA)

Winner: Brian Hutchings via Decision

6) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight

Josh Carlisle (Team BAM/Dawsonville GA)
Jason Kuhn (American TKD/Douglasville GA)

Winner: Jason Kuhn by TKO

7) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Middleweight

Jake Kreiger (Megalodon Gym/Bodyplex of Gainesville)
Tom Loughmiller (Creightons MMA/Duluth GA)

Winner: Tom Loughmiller by Triangle Choke 

8 )3 Rounds Low Kick Rules Welterweight

Alicia Bourne  (The WAT Gym/New York NY)
Jeri Masur (United Karate/Gainesville GA)

Winner: Alicia Bourne by Decision

9) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight

Nick Wright (Alpha Fighting Systems/Gainesville GA)
Ethan Watts (Independant Fighting Systems/Atlanta GA)

Winner: Ethan Watts by TKO

10) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight

Scott Barrett (Megalodon Gym/Bodyplex of Gainesville)
Brian Meeks (Chattanooga TN)

Winner: Scott Barrett via tap due to strikes at .52 of Round 1

11) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight

Brandon Watson (Team BAM/Dawsonville GA)
Brandon Brewer (Team MAC/Ft Benning GA)

Winner: Brandon Brewer by Rear Naked Choke at .57 into Round 1

12) 4 Rounds Muay Thai Rules Welterweight

Brian Robertson (Megalodon Gym/Commerce GA)
Scott Kingston (NBS Gym/Raleigh NC)

Winner: Brian Robertson by Split Decision

13) 3 Rounds Mixed Martial Arts ISKA United States Heavyweight Championship

"Big G" George Yerdon (Team BAM/Dawsonville GA)
John McKenzie (Creightons MMA/Duluth GA)

Winner and still the ISKA MMA US Champion: "Sunshine" John McKenzie by Rear Naked Choke in Round #2

Thanks for the rundown, Lightning.

no problem man.

I thought Josh Fountain looked good.
Also impressed by Jason Kuhn.

All the Watson clan has kind of grown on me...they are fun to watch. But man, that Brandon Brewer looked pretty unstoppable against Brandon Watson.

Whassup Gimme my Bread!

TravenBJJ...where you there? I woulda said hello. I'm guessing you may have cornered Ethan? If so, I was right behind the blue corner (3rd row) all night. Would like to see you fight again.


In the blue corner wearing a blue shirt

congrats to the Creighton guys

"In the blue corner wearing a blue shirt"

You guys never let me in on the "shirt color of the night". Hurtful!

Congrats to John and Tom!

Hard work obviously paid off again.

On the other hand, my pecs are so huge!

13 Great Fights

Red Corner wins: 6

Blue Corner wins: 7

A very close decision goes to the Blue Corner

Nice finally meeting you Mr. Morgz. Was CJ Scout in attendance also?

I missed this one, had some family stuff I couldn't get out of. These are always the most fun shows because they are so well run, sick I had to miss it.

CJ-Here are the upcoming events.

July 14-Augusta

August 11-Macon

Sept. 8 - Gainesville

Oct - 13 Augusta

Nov 17 - Gainesville

December 8 - Macon

12 extreme fight night shows booked for next year and adding more.

You are staying busy. Are you going to be doing any pro shows now because of the rules?

Scout was there in spirit.

He's a modest dude, so he probably won't say it himself...he played a HUGE roll in helping with the training of both John "Sunshine" McKenzie and Tom Loughmiller. So, in a roundabout way, CJJ Scout is partially responsible for some of the good show. I'm sure both of those fighters would agree. Maybe some day we will get to see him in the ring...

July 14 in Augusta sounds good. Any of the Greubels guys fighting on that show?

You do have large mammary glands Morgz..

Morgz- Not the Greubels themselves, but several of their fighters doing Low Kick & MMA.

CJ - Hell Yes, and adding more all the time. I had to hire an assistant to help me and I quit my day job months ago.


Yeah, I'd like to fight but the wife says no. I will eventually, but I don't like the new rules so I might be going elsewhere to participate.