Gainsville Fight Night 4

You cutting to 185 when you fight or catch weights? If catch, what weight?

CJJ- The rules are not that bad, except for the GNP. No headkicks got tossed. ten count is optional (only when the guy can't defend or is out cold) You can still submit a guy or knock him out.  Give it a try first man. I think that the fights will still be entertaining to see.

Where can we view the real rules and not just a bunch of rumors?

All thirteen fights from Saturdays show can be purchased at

The price is only $9.99 and is of good quality from camera # 1 located above the ring.



"is of good quality from camera # 1 located above the ring."

Is that the same camera as the guy with the handheld on the ring apron, or was there actually a camera up in the catwalk / rafters of the building?

I actually bought a DVD of Gainsville Fight Night #2 at your event this past saturday. I loaned it to my buddy right after buying it, so I haven't actually seen it yet. Anyway, he told me that although the quality was ok, he said all of the video was from the handheld camera, and often the referee would get in the way, and the cameraman would not move to get a better angle. Again, I have not watched it yet, so this is 2nd hand info. Anyway, when we talked about it, we both mentioned how much better it would be if there were actually a camera ABOVE the ring (like in the rafters, or on the catwalk) to use as an alternate camera angle. Of course that would add to both pre-and post production costs, and may not be realistic.

Anyway, with all that said, where was the camera that shot the film for this DVD?


Geez, you are freaking picky. Just buy the crap and support local MMA.

Morgz- The camera #1 was on a tripod in the sound/DJ booth. Camera #2 was at eye level in the nuetral corner where the fighters walk out. Since GXFN2 I have added a second high definition camera with much better graphics. The finished product will be a cross edit using the best angle from whichever camera had the best unobstructed view.  So far my favorite DVD is Athens XFN 7.

There is never any pleasing Morgz...what would please me is to be able to purchase one fight online instead of having to spend $10 for all the fights Lightning

The single fights should be up by Sunday. They are fully edited and switch from camera #1 to camera #2 and that takes a while to edit & render. I will upload them as soon as they are done. The Whole unedited show is something I put up while we wait for the singles.

I'll be pleased to power bomb NCAA92....Bobby Bouchet style!

And the "2nd hand info" was from Isssac...

I'll buy this one, too...which will make my 3rd of these DVD's in my collection, you weenies.