is a heroClix and he's badass!!!

Behold, mortal entities: Galactus, the eater of worlds. Older than the universe and more powerful than any other being, Galactus is the ultimate centerpiece of a Marvel HeroClix collection. Standing more than 16” tall, with a base that occupies 18 squares on a standard HeroClix map, Galactus is playable either as a one (or more) person scenario, or as a regular piece in the HeroClix game.

As a scenario, players attempt to drive Galactus away. One of his four dials serves as a timer, which counts down the rounds until Galactus devours their world. He’s scalable to three different difficulty levels.

Galactus is also usable as part of a force. As such, his three “life” dials act as his three experience levels: Starving, Hungry, and Mighty. For 600 points, Starving Galactus has 19 clicks of life, a speed of 14, an attack value of 12, a defense of 19, and begins dishing out 7 clicks of damage with each hit. For a mere 1200 points, Hungry Galactus gains 11 more clicks of life and becomes much more mobile, with a speed of 18. His 8 damage and 20 defense don’t hurt, either. Finally, a paltry 1800 points will put Mighty Galactus on your force. Yup, 11 more clicks of life. His speed of 20, attack value of 16, and defense of 21 will make any mortal shake with fear. And we haven’t even mentioned his powers!

All versions of Galactus have a 16 range with 3 lighting bolts, allowing him to hit opponents near and far. Add to that his team ability, the mighty Power Cosmic. The Power Cosmic lets Galactus push without taking damage, and it protects his powers and abilities from being cancelled, effectively rendering him immune to Outwit.

But how much fun would Galactus be without some friends? To accompany the Mighty One at summer conventions are two exciting Limited Edition pieces, fully playable in any game of Marvel HeroClix.

The first is the Silver Surfer as the Herald of Galactus. The perfect compliment to Big Purple, Silver Surfer is 200 points and also has the Power Cosmic team ability. He starts off quick with a speed of 12, and slows down after a couple of hits as his damage hops up to 4 with an attack of 11 and a nice dose of Impervious. Even though he’s Galactus’ thrall, this Surfer still plays well with others, and gains Support and Regeneration near the end of his dial – roll correctly, and you’ll Regenerate right to the sweet spot. Of course, the Power Cosmic means those pesky Outwitters won’t bother the Surfer, either. We’ve rounded off the new Norrin with a coat of shiny, chrome-silver paint, making him literally sparkle in Galactus’ shadow

i never liked galactus.

what? galactus rules

I dono. I think any character that is ridiculously powerful like galactus or superman is kind of lame.

Plus galactus is kind of dumb with a one track mind.

Best figure eva!

Where is it going to be sold?

How much?


"Plus galactus is kind of dumb with a one track mind."

All he thinks about is food.

"Plus galactus is kind of dumb with a one track mind."

All he thinks about is food.

think any character that is ridiculously powerful like galactus

according to a certain mod marvel does not have ridiculously powerful characters......

Galactus is a force of nature..not really an evil or good guy..The reason i like him is he scares the crap out of any hero who hears his name..So there mteub!!..LOL!

I never understood why Galactus is always used as the peak example of the ultra-powerful humanoids when you've got guys like Magus around:

Height: Variable. The Magus' height has ranged from 6 feet to .5 astronomical units (45 million miles).

Strength level: At full power the Magus possesses enough physical strength to rend an entire star in two and hurl part of it through space.

whoa, that Magus is turning me on