Gamboa/Rios looks to be done

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Done deal, Rios-Gamboa is on for April 14 according to Bam Bam's manager, Cameron Dunkin #boxing

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According to Dunkin, Rios-Gamboa will be contested at 135 pds #boxing

Fuck that. I want Gamboa-JuanMa
Boxing never provided the matchups fans want to see, thats the fucking problem. Between that and dumbass judges and boring fights Phone Post

 I think this is a better fight...bigger challenge for Gamboa...Juanma looked average against Salido..

I would love to see this fight go down.

 it's really an intriguing fight, both have some factors...can Rios make weight comfortably this time...and does Gamboa have enough power and defense to keep Rios honest and off him for 12's the classic pressure/brawler vs a quick handed boxer...could go either way really, but Gamboa has been dropped by lesser opponents.

Kneeblock -  This is the #2 most awesome fight that can be made right now besides Floyd/Manny.

Glad it's going down.  Winner should fight JuanMa

 problem is Juanma is two weight classes down

 not good...Gamboa no showed the Press Conference in Miami today...there were rumors a few weeks ago about this fight not happening...

Barry_BondsMVP -  not good...Gamboa no showed the Press Conference in Miami today...there were rumors a few weeks ago about this fight not happening...

Well fuck, I was really lookin forward to this fight.

 yea I if true...but here's the rumors going around...

Steve Kim ... Yuriorkis Gamboa was a no-show to the presser today in Miami, no dobut, the Rios-Gamboa fight is in jeopardy from what Im told #boxing Word is that Floyd Mayweather associate Tommy Smalls has been whispering in Gamboa's ear.... #boxing And Gamboa is supposedly in Las Vegas, now. So right now, Rios and HBO need a dance partner for April 14th #boxing I told someone at HBO, if Gamboa reneges on this deal, he should be forever banned from the network, zero tolerance for this stuff, IMO Gamboa is a mess, he's got a myriad of professional and personal issues to contend with. Not sure this helps.... #boxingand this from a week ago:Earlier this week Rey Sanchez (Boxing journalist who has his on website and has done work with boxingscene) hinted in a spanish message board that the Gamboa-Rios fight was anything but set in stone. Even though he did not give any details he mentioned it. Just last night Andres PAscual who is another boxing journalist out of miami and does not work with rey wrote a spanish article stating that Bob Arum is having second thoughts about giving Gamboa the Rios fight. According to Pascual Gamboa's Top Rank contract is expiring soon and Arum is not fond of giving gamboa this fight unless he knows for sure that Gamboa will sign an extension with Top Rank. This was not an issue at first when the contracts were signed but word has gotten to Arum lately that there is a strong possibility that Gamboa might join mayweather/Golden boy. With that being said I really hope that this is not true and just a false rumor.