Game 3 baby!

It's time for game 3 in at Staples and i'm fuckin pumped! It is that time to layeth the smacketh down on the wolves!

The Glove is warmin up, daddy likey!

and that is some of the sloppiest passing i've ever seen, on both sides.

Keep shootin, mailman. Bout fuckin time you realized you're not a passer, stay agressive big dog!

Fuckin bullshit!! Karl wasn't even going after the fuckin ball!!! He just stuck his hand out at head level and raked Cassel's face!!!!! Dirty muthafucka!!!! lol

Shoot the fucking ball, malone! god damn he pisses me off

Our bench is lookin good tonight, ya baaaaaaaby!

Looks like Kobe has already made his decision on his status as a Laker next year...

You fuckin tryin to jinx shit, shadetree?!?!?!?!? Dude, now I bet he's REALLY gonna go off in the fourth. :(

Floppy is a very wise man!

DAMN YOU KOBE.....AND SHADETREE!!!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU BOTH TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

YES! Shadetree, not only did you motivate kobe, you pissed off all the laker haters even more! =D

tisk tisk, Lakers will win. watch we win next and then lose 1, then win. Bye Minnesota!!

Gen - I actually think the Lakers will win out now. TONIGHT was Minny's chance of getting a Staples win. They failed miserably. Game 4 is a Kobe court-date. Crowd's always fired up when he's able to make it, and he ALWAYS goes apeshit in these games. Also, I believe Minny now realizes the Lakers are the better team. Both teams know this now. They have no shot. Lakers have won 12 straight close-out games so I'm not worried about Game 5 at Target, either. No way a zone-defending, jump-shooting team that can't offensively rebound takes us.