Game Console Tech Question

When a game console says it's "64-bit" or "128-bit", what does that mean? is it referring to the same thing (for example) as AMD's 64-bit CPUs?

not same thing as the AMD 64CPU

do search on google, fuck, dont remember dude 8-(

I thought it refered to the graphics

it refers to certain aspects of the CPU's datapath.

it's kind of marketing-driven and arbitary when a CPU gets called n-bit.... for instance, the IA32/x86 has some 64 bit internal data paths IIRC, but the majority of the chip, and the parts accessable to programmers, is 32 bit.

also, sometimes, you will have two n/2 bit chip structures combined, and called a n bit structure. the Turbographix-16 is an example - it had 2 8-bit chips.

graphic GPU's now have up to 256-bit wide datapaths internally, IIRC.