Game of throne question

Why have we heard so little about bravoos? If it's bigger and has more money then westeros? I also guess I don't understand why the iron throne isn't there if it's so powerful. As I think tyrion or tywinn said they can put their money behind whoever they want and make them win. So why don't they do it? Seems like such a big plot of the show to be 4 seasons in with very little mention of the place. Phone Post 3.0

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So it's not bigger, it's just one city akin to the size of Kings Landing. It's one of the 9 major Free Cities on Essos, a different continent. Same continent Dany is on, she actually lived there for awhile when she was younger.

It is wealthy though and it has been mentioned all through out the story. King Robert was borrowing from both the Iron Bank and The Lannisters back in Book/Season 1, it's just as time has progressed the political instability and The Crowns inability to pay back their debts is somewhat unsettling to the Iron Bank.

Westeros when united is the largest organized "nation", in fact it's the only nation that I can really think of. The 3 major cities in Slavers Bay would be the next closest thing and they pale in size and numbers to Westeros.

Bravvos was built by escaped slaves, from Valyria I believe. It remained hidden until about 400 years before the start of the series, only after Valyria had fallen did it reveal itself. Of all the 9 Free Cities it ranks with Volantis as one of the two biggest. Phone Post 3.0