Game Recommendations?

I was never into video games until recently. I bought 2 1st person shooter games: Call of Duty and Medal of Honor

I loved Call of Duty but very disappointed with Medal of Honor because of the "spawning" ( I think this is what it was called). Waiting for the time to count down became very boring so I just uninstalled it. Now, it collecting dust. If anyof you want it, I will send it out.

Are there any other games you guys recommend that is similar format as Call of Duty? I really hate the spawning. I heard Half-Life is awesome and want to check out that Metal Gear or whatever they called it in the commercials. "Doom" I heard is the classic and started the 1st person game.

I used to play AGe of Empires and Comman and Conquer. These formats bore me now. Help a geriatric out, man.

Any other recommendations Armbreaker. Vietnam games similar format w/o the spawning?

call of duty is pretty cool, you get that feeling like you're really there. especially during the russian campaign.

half-life 2 is a good choice too, the best FPS out there right now by far. they did a good job putting many different elements into the game, there's absolutely nothing repetitive about the game and when it's over, you wish there was more.

doom 3 sucked like shit. it was great for the first few hours due to great graphics and shock value, then it quickly sunk to the bottom. also, the monsters always spawning behind you while everything is pitch black, and the fact you have to switch to a flashlight everytime makes the gameplay fuck'n annoying more than anything else.

Starcraft and Civilization 3 are good choices for strategy.