game torrents dangerous?

I recently got bitcomet and tried this whole torrent thing out. I attempted to download a game for the first time, and while it was downloading I got an email from my ISP saying that a copyright infringement has occured and they had record of me downloading the game.

I don't really know too much about how all of this torrent stuff works, but I thought it was a bit safer than that. I stopped the download and deleted it, and I guess I probably won't try it again. Has anyone else had this experience? How many years do you think I'll get in the slammer?

All of the common p2p methods don't provide any security. For you to download from others, your IP must be visible to them.

Did the letter actually say they know you were getting that specific game?


The person you were downloading from must have reported you. A trap set by the copyright holder!

You need to switch ISP's. That one sounds fascist. I have downloaded dozens of games and never had any of that shit

A similar thing happened to me with a movie download. But, it was from the seeding side, rather than the download side. I stopped seeding, and it hasn't happened again.

Seems companies are hiring 3rd parties to find people who are making their products available for download. The ISPs are just covering their ass by forwarding the information they receive to you.

what game/movie was it? and what site?

I never check my ISP email.. and i download a crapload of movies and games.. no FBI at my front door.. yet.

Use peerguardian, it may help.

This is exactly why I only play on Coffee Break Arcade. Hope you don't drop the soap in jail.

in other words, you may or may not get your shit pushed in

Use private trackers bro.


Do any of you guys what the situation is in australia?

Never heard of this happening here.

If it is happening to you (in the US i assume), the guy who said newsgroups is right. I use easynews, easy and fast.

Jason. Yep, a few times, just warnings. I'm with Telstra.

Essentially new movies, games and music will have heat on you if you're not careful, have you got an IP blocker? You might want to look into that.

They'll raid houses at the sniff of child porn too. A newtwork engineer here had police on his doorstep one afternoon. Just the feint sniff of childporn was on his pc, they had grounds to search his hdd's.

To download new stuff, you must be part of a private tracker, a) for the above, and b) usually much quicker.


Im not with telstra, im with Iinet and use my 80 gig quota mostly for pirating stuff.

Though the great majority of it is from private trackers.

What the hell constitutes a sniff of child porn? Its either child porn or its not.

Well, the real deal there was that he had a business that had bought an IP range, like 5 years ago. They never used one of these numbers, and suddenly someone had that IP and was using it for child porn... So, yeah, not directly linked with torrents, but it made u think huh! :)