Gamecrushing GTA V bug! (spoilerish)

Currently as of version 1.02 in Story Mode (offline) there is a bug that has a few missions appear in the main story much earlier than they are supposed to. I will try to make this as spoiler free as I can. 


The mission is called "Surveying The Score" it is started as a BIG T at the titty bar in Strawberry. If you don't put this mission off until the mission where Trevor drives to the titty bar, it can stall the main story. I did it as soon as it popped up and it lead to two different missions popping up at Michael's house and no yellow start circle for either one. I had to go back about 5 missions to discover that this was the offending culprit. There is also a Trevor side mission pop up in nw of Michael's house early. It has disappeared on my game and might come back.