Gameness Fighting Championship

 We are only 2 days away from the Gameness Fighting Championship, the best Pro MMA show in the middle Tennessee area.  We have completely sold out of all tables and ringside seats.  We have less than 100 floor stadium seats available and only 70 regular stadium seats left.  Call 615-777-9350 ASAP if you haven't bought your tickets yet.

Nashville MMA head instructor, Shawn Hammonds is making is Pro debut and Lloyd Irvin is bringing a team down to fight so this is definately going to be an action filled night.

Yeah, that word is a little akward already when they say it on telecasts.

"He is always a game competitor!" says goldie.

 What's the full card for this event?

You need to look up what gameness means in reference to fighting, RedCoat. Good luck with the fight GFC.

ttt for Ronald "Choirboy" Stallings and Mike "The Hulk" Easton!

lol @ gameness

Mma_Gawd - lol @ gameness



Contact email: Phone: 55-19-7805.92.57 Nextel radio 55*80* 10539 -skype:giudici3

Weight: 145 or 155 lb



 -Black Belt of Jiu-jitsu (Ryan Gracie)

- Black-Belt in Judo

 -Black Belt in Kung Fu 

 -Black belt -Box Chinese (Beijing China)


- Chinese Boxing: - 72 fights (strikes) 58 victories -8 draws-5 losses

- 2xchampion  Asia (Hong Kong)

- 2xcampion World (Beijing-Taiwan)


- 5x Champion state (São Paulo)

- Champion brazilian (Rio de Janeiro)

- 3 placed Pan American (New Beach)

- 3 placed World (Rio de Janeiro)

M.M.A (Mixed Artial Arts)  

- 16 fights – 14win – 2 loss

- In event 10-8 win 2 loss

- Brazilian Circuit of Champions-style Free (Ibirapuera)

- Winner of the circuit-free Brazilian Style (Gina. Portuguese) 

- VI-Champion Goiânia "challenge in the cat. Absolute "(Gina. Red River)

- Winner of the All-Meca World Vale Curitiba (Circ. Military) 

- Fight Champion Max-4 (Campinas)

- Palace Fighting Championship 13 (Fresno USA)



- Aggression MMA ( canada )