gameness gi ??

whats the difference between the gameness platinum, and the pearl. aside from the patches and price??

The platinum is much heavier material and has a massively thick collar. The pearl is light, airy and has a narrow soft collar.

I strongly recommend the Pearl unless you live in the artic and love heavy gis.

thanks. anyone have an upclose pic of the fabric of each of them?

I got a close up pic of the pearl on my site at,
just look in the "Other" section.

The Brazilian Gameness is nicer IMO.

thanks gubbs.
a couple guys where i train have the brazilian gameness, i havent really looked them over yet.

lol At the brazilian gameness being better.. Get a pearl best gi out today. The brazilian one will fall apart and smells like porra.

im pretty sure im going to get a blue pearl.

I got a Gameness Platinum and a Sirius Gold Weave, both very nice Gi's, recommend both, did a write up somewhere on here called 'two gi's comparisons'.

Hope it helped.

yeah i read it. good stuff.