I am sorry if this has already been talked about, but I am pissed. I shelled out $100 a seminar for a Gamness GI after much research and comparisions. I took it home washed it in cold water and air dried it and the sucker shrank. It also is loosing threads on the cuffs.

I found out yesterday that it might be a fake. how can I tell it mine is a fake or not? I am assuming it is, because of the low quality.

I have a Blue Gameness. Great Gi and very durable.


If the gi has a cotton skirt and not gold weave, and you just bought it, it is not a genuine Gameness Gi. If it came from Brazil it is not a Gameness Gi.
The real Gameness Gi are 100% gold weave and pre-shrunk. There are, however, people who have gone to Brazil and brought them into the US thinking they were the real thing. They too have been mislead. We have received many apologies from people giving seminars thinking they were selling authentic Gameness Products

ttt for Gameness

great gear and great people !

TTT for Regina and crew, great post.

Does Gameness make their Gi without the patches as well? I have always wanted to get a Gameness Gi but I don't like to wear a bunch of patches.

We do have a few patchless gis in stock. They only have the Gameness ribbon on the shoulder. We only have them made up for special orders and from that we have a few left over. Please call us to make sure we have your size in stock. 615 834 7927 You can see the ribbon on the gi at


The gi I got is like the one you described, definitly a fake. Well, lesson learned. I still want a REAL Gameness gi, so I will be looking on your website soon.
Thanks for the heads up. I figured something must be wrong after I so carefully read the reviews of tons of gis, and this one fell apart after one night of rolling and shrunk to 75% of the original size in cold water!!

So the ones from Brazil are not the genuine article?

What about the ones on the MMAGear web site - are they real or fakes?

the brazilian gameness website / is offering some nice stuff for cheap prices, the kimono i ordered from them on nov/03 is great.

MMAPitbull: do you have some more pics of your new gameness gi becuase on the pictures you have at I can´t see the back of the kimono.

MMAPitbull ... do you ship gear to Australia?

Yes we do ship to Australia. Every Gameness product coming out of Brazil right now is a knockoff. That includes Gameness products coming from mmagear. Gameness br and mmagear got the letter from our attorney in Brazil and had 15 days to stop selling Gameness named products. At this time they are still selling them on their website. They are trying to unload what products they have left, so that they will notlose money on their stock. When we sieze the property and if we can get the knockoff clothing from Brazil, we will have one hell of a bond fire so that these products never get to the public again.

Thanks for clearing that up - I was gonna order a Gameness from said site - guess I will go direct to the source now.

I ordered a Gameness gi from MMAGear and it took 3 months to arrive and after 2 sessions it pulled apart. A mate of mine also ordered the same gi and it has not arrived. I figured that mine must just have been a fluke but I guess that we have all been duped.

MMA Pitbull, What would it cost to send a gi to South Africa?

Shinkin, Regina is out of town and will not be back till late Monday. She will be the one who can give you that information. If I hear from her today I'll ask her and post.


Shinkin go to go to international. weight of gi 6lbs 5 0z from Nashville Tn to Africa. This should give you about what it will cost to ship.

Harris are you with Alex or MMAGEAR or who are my biggest bootleggers who sell knock off Gameness products. Whats in it for you?

Gameness Trademarks may be seen at

Could you tell me what the postage to the uk would be for a White Gi.

Also what size do you think i would be?

I'm 6'0" and 77-80 kilo's (77 when competing)

I dont know whether I'm an A2 or an A3.

Because of your height you will need an A3. The charge to UK is $35.00. The only problem we are having is that because of the security being so tight, everything going to the UK is getting hung up in Customs. I just found out that I can put a tracking number on International shipments which I will do, that way you can track it after it leaves the US.

Thanks MMAPitbull.

If a friend and I both order GI's, would it be the same shipping charge doubled, or will it be a different price?