- Thanke to Dave/Ed

I wanted to thank Mr. Dave Reilly and Mr. Ed Clay from . I contacted Mr. Reilly a couple weeks ago about my "Soldier" project that I have been working very hard on since returning to the states.
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I have contacted a lot of the BJJ/MMA companies that I personally have dealt with a lot in the past, and know and love their products. Gameness is one of the companies I have always bought from because of high quality and good service.

I have 5 or 6 Gameness GI's and used to buy them in Oceanside,CA from that big German guy (I think it was Marcelo's school) when they sold them locally. Anyway, Dave e-mailed me back and said they would be happy to help.

Today I received a box in the mail with a bunch of Gameness GI's, beanies, t-shirts, belts, etc. Awesome!

I cannot thank you enough, and you have no idea how much this will mean to the soldiers that do not have anything. Thank you again to Dave and Ed for helping out.

Jeff Yurk


For Gameness and all of the companies that have helped Yurk get this going...

UP....all the way from Iraq!!!!