Gameness pearl gi

Hey everyone, just a quick question for those of you who own a Gameness pearl do you like it and how's the fit? I'm 5'11, 185 and don't know if I should get an A2 or A3 Phone Post 3.0

I'm 5'11 225 and wear the a2 stocky. I machine wash and heat dry all my gis. The length is good all around so you should be fine with the a2.

Piece of shit. Rips easily.

hated it, gave it away. too heavy, stiff and rough for my liking

good for thin people

6'5" 225-230 lbs, and I wear A4 that's a little too big in the waist. I've had one for more than two years and it is still stiff. I used to dry it on low heat for 30 minutes, then hang dry the rest of the way. It did not shrink at all, until I recently dried it on medium heat. The sleeves came out about a half inch shorter.