#GamerGate gets SJW added to Oxford dictionary

as a pejorative.


"Social Justice Warrior" used to be a compliment, still is to moonbats.

Fuck yeah.


Guess I'm too old to know what the hell is going on here Phone Post 3.0

in short, Gamers aren't going to let progressive crazies take over the culture.

Board Games, Comics, Movies, Sci-Fi, Atheism, Skepticism, all examples of communities whose fun has suffered under the agenda of feminist authoritarians and other progressive, cultural marxist, "critical theory" scumbuckets.

Gamers resisted and are winning.

"Boo hoo video games are not girl centric".

Well games have historically been male centric, if you dont like it, buy more games you do lik or make your own fucking games.

"boo hoo i went to a scrapbooking convention and it was female centric"

I've heard that it was a term they originally used to describe themselves, but that now they don't like it anymore.

...I can't find anything to substantiate that, though. And for what it's worth, this source claims otherwise: