games done now - revised picks

Some of my early impressions.

Phili looks tight. Much better than I thought they would.

Colo is playing real play off hockey. gritty, good goal tending, help from all lines.

Sharks also look great, but its hard to say for sure against the blues, who basically suck.

Detroit is not look as unbeatable as I thought they would. Nashville playing some smash mouth with timely goal tending. Detroit's goal tending seems a little weak. I dont think Cujo can get it done, but they should still win this series.

I am picking Phili in the east. The west is tuff, I see San Jose as able to beat the Wings, but not really anyone else.

Avs and Bolts have been my pick since the playoffs started, and I don't see changing them

Im surprised Dallas isnt putting up more of a fight with the Avs. I really thought this series would be tight.

Vokoun is playing like a superstar... he needs to steal only two mores game for the Preds to pull offf the biggest first round upset of the year.

do you guys watch the games or just see the results? dallas and the islanders are outplaying colorado in every game, thanks to goaltending, some lucky bounces and timely goals that they arent behind 3-1 in the series

Dallas got bitch slaped around bad in the first two games, almost as bad as bertuzzi is going to when he plays his first game aginist Worrell and Co, or even the Rangers who's roster now contains Steve Moores two brothers.


Are Moore bro's enforcers or physical players? If not, I dont think anything will happen. The Avs probly wont do anything to Bertuzzi in retaliation next season. At least the odds are extremely low in todays pussified nhl (thanks alot gay bettman).

Yeah, I can hardly wait until Bert and Worrell meet in the playoffs... LOL


Flyers are doing great!

I dont think they will let Bert play honestly. I dont see him getting re-instated.