Gaming Podcast: Videogame BANG!

Whats up Pizza's?!

Its been a while since I posted here about the show, but I wanted to update my Underground Family about the shows progress.

After just 15 episodes independantly we were approached by the Gaming/Geek website They asked if we would be interested in joining their podcast network and we of course said yes.

We just uploaded our first show and have some awesome special guests including Genese Davis, the author of the novel The Holders Dominion, and world ranked World of Warcraft player. We also have Nika Harper from the Geek and Sundry Vlog 'Word Play'. Nika was also the host of League of Legends 'Summoners Showcase'. And Last but not least he is a from the founder and creative director at Hinterland games Raphael Van Lierop. He has worked on games like Space Marines, and Far Cry 3. He joins us to talk about his latest project 'The Long Dark'

I am a huge fan of the UG and OG. I appriciate those of you who have followed and listened to the show already, thanks for your time and I really hope you enjoy the show. Expect a lot of coverage on EA's UFC in the next few months.

Cory Vincent